Intel i7-2630QM in an asus k53sv laptop stepping down under load.


Dec 13, 2012
I've got a peculiar problem with my laptop.
A while back, the power socket stopped working, so I got a new motherboard, and since then it's been acting kinda weird.

I've got a Intel i7-2630QM at 2.0GhZ with 2.8GhZ turbo boost.
Under regular use, it runs at full speed, and I can see the turbo boost monitor jumping up to 2.8GhZ to meet need. But under any kind of constant load, it clocks down to 800MhZ and just sits there.

When I go in the windows power management, and sets processor minimum and maximum frequency to 99%, it runs stable on 1995MhZ, and doesn't clock down at all, so I'm thinking it might have something to do with the turbo boost thingie?

I just tried reinstalling windows, and cleaning out the fan and reapplied termal grease to the heatsing.

Before I reinstalled windows, I could see graphs for termal trottling and cpu frequency in the intel extreme tuning software, and when I set the CPU to 100%, the termal throttling graph rose to 100%, despite the temperature not being over about 75'

I'm not sure what more info to provide, but if anyone has any tips, or know about something that can be done, that'd be great.

It runs stable on 1995MhZ, and it does work, but it's kinda annoying that I can't use the turbo boost function.



Dec 13, 2012
I've been fiddling about a bit with throttlestop now, while compressing a video with handbrake.
If I set the multiplier to max (29t), it's throttled down to 800MhZ all the time.
If I set it to 25t, it runs between 2.5Ghz and 800MhZ, but stays throttled about 70% of the time.
If I set it to 24t, it runs at 2.4GhZ, and doesn't throttle down.

Can it be a power supply problem?
With the multiplier locked at 24t, and running a video compression at 100% CPU load, the temperature goes up to about 80 degrees c, at wich point the fan starts to really rev up, and the temperature stabilises.

After some more fiddling, it seems that if I set the multiplier to 29t, and disable BD PROCHOT, the CPU runs at 2.4GhZ, and ocassionally dips down to 2.3GhZ, while the temperature is pretty stable at 78-80 degrees C.
When the CPU is idle, it peaks up to 2.9GhZ occasionally...

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