Is eMMC storage reliable for games?


Jun 6, 2016
I don't know where you read that it eMMC storage will break when playing games, that is false information. The only real concerns are:

#1 - eMMC is not as fast as SSD, but they are at least as fast as a 5400rpm hard drive.
#2 - You have limited storage with only 32GB of eMMC because Windows 10 and the recovery partition will probably be using around 18GB - 22GB of storage. Windows tends to grow in size as new drivers / updates are installed.

The inclusion of the SD slot which can handle up to a 64GB SD card will come in handy. But the depends on how far the SD card is inserted into the slot. Some in some netbooks the SD card sticks out halfway in others it is almost flush with the chassis; it would stick out a little bit so that you can push it in and it would be ejected out (spring loaded).