is it normal temperature?


Aug 8, 2016
hello everyone , i'm new at this forum.So i live in a small town and people here can't really solve problem and don't know much.So i thought i'd ask on this forum.
Last couple of days , my laptop is overheating . I don't know what is the problem . I play cod 4 : modern warfare and after just half an hour it starts dropping fps and it becomes laggy as hell.
When i checked the cpu core temperature , it was above 80.I suddenly closed the game.i took it to the technician and he checked if the fan was working and it was working perfectly fine.I asked him to apply thermal paste and he said that thermal paste doesn't apply on laptops and he told me to buy a cooler.I just opened laptop and cleaned it up and now it's temperature is like 50 to 60 degree normal.i don't know if that is ideal.
this is the temperature at very normal not stressed.
i wanted to know if the power to cpu is too much or what is causing it.BTW i live in Pakistan and here the atmosphere temperature is normally 37 degree.So according to this , is my laptop's temperature ideal ?
Well that is a little hot. He is right about the using a cooler. It can help a lot. However he is wrong about the thermal paste. Of course it effects it. But, unless the laptop is .. a. very old, b. the fan has been moved/replaced... then the thermal paste should be good. Now if the fan was replaced at one point, and the person didn't put in new paste, that could be your problem.

It may also be the fan, even though he said no. You might want to check out programs like "Speedfan" so you can monitor the fan (and more) and see more.

Also, if the device has upgraded components that are more than the laptop was meant to handle, you will get this problem as well.

In the end you may need to consider replacing the fan, and the thermal paste. You can do it yourself, if you are extremely careful. There are many videos online to walk you through it.