Is there a best "combo" of Security App's?


Feb 1, 2010
At times I see that there is a particular application which has high marks in most areas but weak in 1 or 2. Just as an example for my question. Can you install App#1 (has best of everything but Malware) and install App#2 (which is ok but has great malware protection)
This way ALL areas of PC security are covered by the best app's available. But will they run together and not halt each other from running, etc.
Please let me know of any "Combination of App's" (Free or purchase required)
1 - Feasible/possible
2 - Being used
3 - What are the App's?

Math Geek

the best combo is this:

1. engage brain while on the web
2. don't look for "free" anything, be it porn, music or movies
3. engage brain on the web

these 3 things have kept my pc's virus free for years now and i guarantee i have gone places you don't!! i have no AV/firewall/malware..... programs on my pc and have not had one for over a decade. just use some common sense with a decent av solution and you will be fine (i assume others need some kind of av since they don't pay attention as much as i do). if you download a lot of stuff through public torrent sites and other such virus factories NO AV COMBO WILL PROTECT YOU!!! and there never will be a combo that will protect you from stuff you download on purpose. :D