Korg 01/W pro X - It doesn\'t matter what voice I select, it only has one sound

angel greene

Jan 5, 2012
Hi, I really hope someone out there can help me. I have a Korg 01/w proX, which has been passed down to me (they were going to throw it away because of it being really big and of course because it is faulty).

The problem with it is - It doesn't matter what voice I select, it because it only has one sound left in it! And it is a truly ugly sound.

Could the lack of sounds be down to the internal battery needing to be changed? ... and if so how do I do I open it up and change it myself, without causing more damage? and where would be the best place to get a good quality replacement battery for it?

If that is not what you think is likely to be wrong with it, have you any idea what the problem is likely to be?

I would really appreciate any help and advice.


Angel Greene


Jan 5, 2012
What you're describing sounds more like either bad D/A converters or a bad mother board. If I remember correctly there was an update for that particular model that resolved the converter issues... you should ask the folks you got it from if they have done that.

The Battery you speak of... works as a computer battery does... it stores settings.
The following article was written for a Korg 01/W and its battery, but should work darn near the same.

http://www.gearwire.com/hacking-korg-01w.html (by the way, moderators... the writer used the term hacking as an attention getter, so no freaking out)

But, I would bet you have deeper issues than the battery... more like mother board issues.
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