Laptop ASUS A43E powers on for a few second, dies right after


Jul 3, 2017
I have asus a43e, intel core i5 no dedicated gpu. Because of monitor problems (my screen turns off at certain tilt angle, high chances of lcd flexible cable damaged), i have it brought to a service center. After fully disassembling my laptop, they claimed it wasn't really the flexible thats the problem, and wanted me to leave my laptop with them overnight. as i couldnt bring myself to trust them much (scams), i want my laptop back. They reassambled it and gave it back to me. Now though, when i try to power it on, powerbutton lights up for a few seconds, some sound signifying hdd and fan running, but then it turns off. Retried several times, problem persists. Occasionally it would make single beep sounds. Battery and charger ok. Help, what do i do.