Solved! Laptop battery drains fast after reinstalling windows

Dec 23, 2018
Hello, yesterday I reinstalled windows for first time since i bought laptop. Laptop is 1 year old, until now, battery would last 3 - 6 hours, but after windows reinstall, battery lasts for 1 and half hour max.
Downloaded original windows from microsoft

-Tried troubleshooting
-1.5 hour max at 100% when battery saving mode is on and brightness is lower
- battery worked perfectly before windows reinstall

-laptop Asus rog strix GL502VMK
Thanks for any advices that help me to fix this
It is possible there are things running in the background that were removed in the past. These could be draining the battery faster.

However, first go into your "Control Panel" and then "Power Options". In there click on "Change plan settings" next to whatever setting you are using. Then click on "Change advanced power settings". In the window that pops up, go through all the sections and make sure everything is set to run as you want. Even slight changes/differences in settings can change how well it runs. Once you are done, then click "Apply" and then click "OK" and restart the computer.

See how it runs after that.

Should it still give you problems, then I suggest looking into what I mentioned first. Things running that you may not want to be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Messing with the settings in the area I am suggesting can cause lots of problems, so be extremely sure of what you are doing and any changes you make before saving them.

Go to "Start" and in the search box type "msconfig" (without the quotes). In there go to the "Startup" tab and check what is set to run when Windows is loading (this is not the "Startup" folder/area where you can choose to put files. Totally different thing.)

Do not uncheck anything in there without making sure it is not something you need to leave be. Research online if you don't know what any particular one is, or leave it be. Once you are done making any changes, and you are very sure about them, then save your changes and reboot (turn off and back on) the computer.

Do not mess with anything on the other tabs in there.
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