Laptop being VERY slow after startup (and in general)


Apr 13, 2017
Dear Tomshardware,

I'm having a lot of issues with my laptop lately, as it is running extremely slow. 2 years ago I have bought an Alienware 15 (which I still own to this date) and it was extremely fast and smooth when I got it. Then through time, it started getting a bit slower, which is fine, as I was doing a lot of work on it, so I recently re-installed Windows. A couple months after, the laptop is as slow as it's never been.

The biggest issue is the startup, when the laptop starts, it can easily take about 5 minutes just to be able to use it. If I launch a game after a fresh restart, the game takes a painful amount of time to load, even though my ping and FPS in it afterwards are completely fine.

A League Of Legends game for example can take up to 10 minutes to load. That's crazy. It only does that the first time I start the game after a reboot though, the second time it takes less than a minute.

The computer in general is running ultimately slow, and I'm wondering, what can I do about it? I have an i7 processor, and Windows 10 on it, if you need any more specifications however, let me know and I'll share.

I have good antivirus software installed, and it claims I have no viruses.

P.S.: I've recently started with computer programming, is it possible that this is the source of the issue? I believe it shouldnt be though, as even if I use pointers wrongfully, it should be cleaned as I restart the laptop?

Also, I have up-to-date drivers.

Many thanks and king regards.


Mar 13, 2017
Can you send the make and model of laptop? Usually slower computer means that the hard drive is failing. Bad sectors, corrupt files etc can make your drive really slow down your laptop. You should run some hard drive diagnostics and check your SMART status


Apr 13, 2017

Edit: idk why the picture wont show, its here:
[MOD] Because it need an image URL not a webpage RUL

I hope this is what you were asking about?

It's an Alienware 15 (Dell), I'm not sure where I can find the exact make and model.

Is there an easy way to clean my registry? I was looking into that a little, but all methods seem somewhat complex, and very dangerous if I mess anything up. Dont want to be playing around too much.

Many thanks for your fast reply.
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