Laptop Charging Questions


May 27, 2016
So,recently i bought a gaming laptop (ASUS G752VT) and my friend who owns an older version of laptop told me that i should play games while being directly connected to power source,not trough charger...well there is a little problem.Unlike older laptops i didnt get cable that allows me to be directly connected + a charger..Its all in one.So after this long intro,the question is:
Will my battery get damaged/broken if i play games and have it plugged in(charging)..and is there a way to somehow optimize it so that when its plugged in that it doesnt charge...but powers laptop directly.

Actually the laptop and it's battery does it all automatically. If your laptops battery is fully charged it stops it's charging right away and that protects it from being damaged. What I can suggest is if you have a removable battery I would suggest to just take it out if you'll be using it in games for hours and connect it directly to it's charger.