Laptop crashing


Feb 18, 2012
A friend bought a HP DV6-6161SA laptop from Comet about 8/9 months ago. He has been running applications and games such as Battlefield 3 without much bother until his laptop started crashing. it started only a few months after purchase. Of course, it was pre-loaded with a load of HP rubbish, he just left it installed. He had not changed a thing before the laptop started crashing, it was also very random. One minute he would be browsing the internet on chrome and in a skype call with me and next it would just crash, his whole computer froze and he had to force shutdown. The problem started happening every week then every day then multiple times a day before it became virtually unusable.
He then contacted Comet and HP who 'fixed' the problem under the warranty. This apparently checked all of the hardware and replaced some parts. It also wiped his HDD and reinstalled factory settings/software. His laptop was fine for a few weeks, it was running smooth with all drivers and applications up to date. He uninstalled all of the unnecessary HP programs this time. Just as we though it was fixed, it happened again, getting more frequent just as last time.

Model: DV6-6161SA
CPU: Intel i5-2410m
RAM: 2GB+4GB as stock (Samsung and Elpida i think)
GPU: HD 6490m + Intel HD 3000
HDD: Seagate (i think) 750GB
Screen size: 15.6"
Any more details just ask.

We have both tried numerous things to get the laptop working again. We have put it down to a number of programs, Google Chrome and Skype being the main culprits. Just today he hadnt had a crash while playing games most of the day, when we go on skype it crashes in a short while. This is the same for chrome, when idling or watching a video etc. It is getting more and more annoying. The game he goes on the most is BF3, he is on it quite often when not at college.
Note: It was a display model when he bought it so it may have become damaged (Although HP told him it was fine).
We're completely out of ideas at the moment :??:

Thanks, Garrin.