Solved! Laptop goes to black screen when power cable is unplugged


Sep 9, 2019
After some recent Windows or Dell updates, I don't know which my laptop screen goes black when I unplug the power. I have two external monitors that work fine with the power to the laptop plugged in and unplugged. I have tried numerous drivers from the Dell and Intel site and the only time this issue does not occur is when using the Microsoft Basic Driver. When this issue does happen, the laptop is still on, the keyboard lights are on as does the Capslock key light when I press it too. If I shut the lid and reopen it the screen comes on for a few seconds and then goes black again. The laptop power and sleep settings have been changed numerous times to various options to see if this makes a difference as well. The action settings for the power and sleep buttons has been set to never as well as other options to test, same with on shut lid action to never, etc.
I have had this laptop replaced with an exact replica by my company as well and the exact same thing is happening to the second laptop as well.
Thank you. Thoughts???
You say you were int he power settings, but did you check the settings for when the display should turn off and also the brightness settings?

1. Go to "Control Panel" and then into "Power Options".

2. On the left side of this screen click on "Choose when to turn off display" or just click the "Change plan settings" link next to the plan you are using.

3. In this window you should see "Turn off the display" and a drop down button next to it. Make sure this is set to "Never" or whatever time you wish it set for.

4. Click "Save Changes" and then click on the "Change advanced power settings" link.

5. In this new window click "Display" to open up the listings under it.

6. Now locate and click each of the following..."Display brightness", "Dimmed display brightness" and "Enable adaptive brightness".

7. Change each of these to the settings you wish, then click the "Apply" button and finally the "OK" button.

See if these two changes help. Additionally, you stated the driver that came with the computer does not create the problem, but other drivers you have installed do. The drivers you are installing, are they found by the computer (when searching for updated drivers) or gotten through the manufacturer's site and listed as for your computer? Or are you just getting them somewhere else. If the latter, that could also be your problem. Just because a driver is new or updated doesn't mean it works correctly with all devices.


Sep 9, 2019
Hi the settings under "Choose when to turn off display", "Turn off the display" are all set to never, and other options have been tried as well.
Under "Advanced Power Settings", Display option, there are no options for "Display Brightness", "Dimmed display Brightness" and "Enable Adaptive Brightness" to modify.
Only available are: Turn off display after:
On Battery - Never
Plugged in - Never

I couldn't find these settings in any other section either under the Advanced Power Settings.

I didn't state the driver that came with the laptop did not create the problem Just the Microsoft Basic Driver works, but this has limited display capability, and resolution options.
The drivers I have tried were not from "else where" as you term it They have all been downloaded from the Dell site and the Intel site by using the tools available within the sites to identify the laptop model and components to ensure the correct driver is aligned to the graphics card model. In this case an Intel (R) HD Graphics 530.

The actual laptop is a Dell E5470 if this helps.

So on the Dell site you searched through here to find the correct driver?

If not through there, I would suggest doing so to see what driver it lists and try installing that. The odd part is that you say the driver it finds doesn't give you the resolution options you wish, but the driver for the system, even one the computer installs itself, should give you the correct options for your systems graphics.
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