Laptop heats up during gaming when Maximum CPU State is set to 100%


Jun 25, 2016
i7 2.2 GHZ 2nd gen processor with turbo boost up to 3 GHZ 8gb ram and amd graphic card. On my laptop I used balanced power plan in this plan by default the "Maximum CPU State" is 100% When I play games like Witcher 3 and Dota 2 the laptop heats up to 75 degrees in about 10 minutes I can feel a bit of heat on the left side of the keyboard, i can also hear the fan nose which is inevitable at 75 degrees.
The average temperature while not gaming and doing other tasks is 56 to 59 degrees at 26 degrees celsius room temperature.

BUT; When I reduce the "Maximum CPU State" to 50% in the power options and play games like dota 2 and witcher 3 the temperature always remains under 68 degrees and I can hardly hear any fan noise the laptop doesn't heat up. I dont know if it drops fps i didnt notice it nor measured it.

Dust cant be a problem because I installed a new fan few weeks ago and cleaned off the dust.
So what is likely to cause this do I have to change the thermal paste ?