Laptop keyboard typing wrong characters


Aug 23, 2015
When I use my laptop keyboard recently, it sometimes types wrong characters (e.g. k types ;k, p types pi, comma types \,). Only keys on the right half are affected. It will randomly start working properly and then malfunction again later. When it does this, the keys affected and the characters they type change, although it's always the right side, not the left. It will always type the character it should, just with other characters tacked on. Can someone help?
Seems like some or one of your other keys might be stuck in the down position perhaps ... or one of the function keys?

Coffee or some other sticky substance may have gotten onto the keyboard ... so check and try cleaning this first.

check what the keyboard maps for the letter k to find what key combination gives you a ; (semicolon) ?


Dec 2, 2015

ANSWER: I followed many of the suggestions that I read here. None of them worked for me and I didn't find out what was causing the problem. MY SOLUTION: I set a restore date 10 days before the the proplem showed up.

When the compute booted up again, the problem was gone! :) What a relief!!



Apr 5, 2016

I did a completely clean install and my problem with keyboard typing on its own remained.
Actually, when I want to type the left square parenthesis, I can't while it types on its own without end... help


Aug 29, 2016

Every time I have had a KB problem with a laptop I simply replaced the KB ... very basic job and most of the KB's are only $30 ... order them online ... lookup the tube for a "how to" video ... follow the instructions.

So far I have done plenty of Toshies, HP's, Asus, and a couple of Compaq's ...

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