Solved! Laptop kills 2 internal coolers

Nov 15, 2018
Hello guys. Basicly i was playing league on my hp g5 250 laptop that i bought new 18 months ago when it shut down. Prior to that i had no overheating issues as my fps didnt drop in game. When i turned it back on it gave me 9b fan error meaning that internal cooler in it died. I went and replaced it with second hand cooler that worked for few hours in it before it died as well, this time i inspected the cooler and controller chip on it fried. Now i am well aware that eather i had bad fortune with this second hand cooler (it was really dusty when i bought it) or there is something wrong with laptops mother board. Does any of you guys have an idea what could be causing this problem?
Before blaming the system, get a new fan and see if that works, or at least another used one and cross your fingers that it's good.

It may be the motherboard but there is as good of a chance that the used fan you got was bad.