Laptop only powers up but doesnt boot (no bios screen)


Aug 16, 2015
My ASUS X55A doesn't even show the BIOS screen (screen is completely black), it just powers on and the led for the hard drive blinks and it maintains stuck there with only the power led burning and the fans turning. I was changing my SSD from the CD-ROM slot to the main slot (I only have one) and I put my basic storage hard drive to the CD-ROM slot. After the change the computer booted up and I went into bios and then exited it (didn't change anything crucial), after that it just bricked itself and I cannot figure out the cause. I tried:
- changing the bios battery ( leaving it out for 40 minuntes)
- attaching a different screen through VGA
- shuffeled between differnet combinations of disks and slots.
Please help me! Could it be the bios chip? Or any other component?
Thank you!
This could be a motherboard problem. But try putting everything back to it's stock form without the added SSD in it and see if the PC will turn back on with no problem. Another step you can do is to remove the battery and turn it on without it just the AC adapter.