Laptop replacement advice


Oct 23, 2014
Hi guys,

My good old laptop (ASUS F5SL) recently took a tumble. My insurance policy promises to replace like with like, and they're offering me a Asus X551MAV-SX391B.

Now the big question is, is this new model actually better than my old F5SL? I've got my doubts about the integrated Intel Gfx compared to the Radeon 3470, and I'm also not sure about the capability of the new Intel processor compared to the old one. What are your thoughts? Am I getting a decent deal here? Or are they just trying to fob me off with the cheapest laptop they can find?

The insurance policy says that my replacement should be at least as good as my old one, so if you think there's any weakness in the X551 compared to the F5SL, let me know!

Stats for both machines can be found here:

Thanks in advance :)


Oct 23, 2014
Thanks guys. It's not so much about the price (since the insurance company will be paying for the placement), but about the spec. I need to be able to say to the insurers "Hey, this replacement isn't good enough - here's why."

Trouble is, I don't know how to compare my old Radeon 3470 to the integrated Intel gfx unit. Is a separate gfx card with equal stats going to be better than an integrated one?

The comparison below makes it look like my old gfx card is more powerful...just wondered if I'm right or not!

Anyway, rockie_, the X551 laptop they're offering me is worth about £210 ($340), but I can upgrade to a better laptop if I offer to cover the difference. So any recommendations for a good value laptop would be appreciated.


Sep 20, 2014

i may search for the exact comparison but if not found just look at the number of shaders and the graphics clock . Your old GPU has 40 shaders and 680MHz clock . The second has only 4 shaders ! But i3 3217U has 16 shadrs clock up to 1350MHz .
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