Laptop screen broken, HMDI not displaying.


Oct 23, 2014
So about an hour ago i had left my HP laptop hooked onto my HDTV with an HMDI cable attached. After a few minutes of leaving it there the screen turns off like it usually would when i'm not on it for a period of time. Usually, the movement of my mouse would make it turn on again normally but this time my screen went completely blank and i really don't know what's wrong. At some times if i wait long enough it would show my desktop screen and my cursor but that's about it. No files, no task bar, nothing.

Please, help. I honestly dont know what went wrong since i didn't really do anything crazy with it besides leave it alone for about 10-15 minutes. I can't access safe mode or anything either. Also take note that my laptop sxcreen is completely broken.


Jul 5, 2014
for starters, do any charging lights show up, fans turn on or anything when you try and power it up or is it looking completely with nothing, if theirs lights and fans but no screen i'm no expert but i suspect graphics card failing, if theirs no sign of fans or lights, maybe faulty charger/battery, is it on charge, is the battery dead?

Some system specs could also be useful if possible



Mar 14, 2014
so the monitor on the laptop is broken, so you hook it up to a TV and there it doesn´t display the taskbar etc?

-I think your laptop is set to extend the screen onto the TV i.e. as if you are using two monitors

to fix this you can either use the shortcut on the keyboard to switch between screen duplicate and presentation mode but in my experience that is diferent on all laptops

so you can just right click on your desktop and go to (resolution settings) I use german windows so I´m just directly translating, it should be the second to last tab in the menu
there you go to "multiple monitors" and select duplicate.

-now the laptop will duplicate the immage shown on the (broken) laptop screen to the TV and you should be able to see all your programs and the taskbar again

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