Laptop screen flickers and later blackout again and again.


Nov 29, 2015
My dell laptop screen blinks and later blackout. I have faced this issue 4th time in last 3 months. It is resolved after window is refreshed (2 time it worked but 3rd time i had it fixed from dell service centre). It has happened with both windows 8 and 10. What to do to permanently resolve this issue?

Few questions:
1. Does it blink while it's on the desktop screen?
2. Was has been done before when it was sent to Dell for a repair?

Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can try.
- First connect an external monitor into your laptop and see if the same problem will persist on it because if it does that means it's the graphics card that is faulty but if it's not happening on the external monitor that means it's the built in display.
- Do a clean install of the graphics card driver as well.
- What you can do is to reseat the ribbon cable that connects the display to the motherboard if your comfortable in opening your laptop.
- If this will not work the only solution is to replace the display itself.


Nov 29, 2015

Thanks for your suggestions.
It shows laptop loading (dell logo) but later screen goes black.
The problems still persists even when I connect it to an external monitor.
It shows the Dell logo at a certain angle only so does it suggest that there is a problem with ribbon cable.


John Chapman

Apr 26, 2015
I agree - unlikely to be the ribbon cable if it happens when connected to an external display. If the machine is not under warranty the lowest cost option would be to buy a new laptop. You can't replace the graphics card as you can on a desktop machine. The only other suggestion I could make would be to dismantle the machine and make sure dust and hair trapped inside is not causing an overheating problem. This is not something an average user is capable of though. The process is daunting the first time you do it.
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