Laptop started lagging after it reached 60 degree temp.....


Oct 1, 2013
I am using HP DV6 1319tx and bought in 2011. Since last year i am having an issue of laptop lagging. Whenever the temp touches the 60 degree line, it's has started lagging, i can't do anything at that time but after sometime, when i keep the laptop idle for few minutes, it went back to normal and then i can able to use. I thought it is OS problem but i tried with other OS and still having the same issue.

Another problem is when i start charging battery, everything were works fine but when i disconnect the charger, laptop start lagging. Please help
First have you checked for dust in the laptop? This is most likely the cause for the overheat. Either that or the fans are faulty or broken.

Second, it is very common for laptops to lag when on battery as the power profile will change. Some laptops will still lag even if it is put on high performance mode as the cpu and gpu needs more power to sustain the game.

I hope that this has helped you.