Laptop suddenly died

On the coast

May 27, 2015
Hi all, Dell latitude 3330. Windows 7 Pro. I plug in the ac adapter and the light goes out, requiring I unplug the ac. Tried without the battery. No lights, no noises nothing. Made sure the ram and SSD are tight. Daily use computer and I don't know what else to try. Any ideas please?


Just for clarification, when you say the light goes out, which light are you referring to, the one on the power adapter or the battery indicator on the laptop? If it is the light on the power adapter that goes out, that indicates a short somewhere in the system (most likely candidate: the power jack and it's usually repairable). If it is the battery status indicator light on the laptop that goes out, that would indicate an problem with the charging circuit which would likely be a little more in depth as far as repair (if even feasible)
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