Laptop to support two hires monitors

Terry Colligan

Sep 16, 2014
I am currently using an HP EliteBook with two HP 2560x1600 monitors, using their docking station. But it is dying slowly. (Locking up with interrupts disabled.)

Most of the time I work at home, and use the two large monitors to great effect. I don't want to loose this. In this configuration I don't use the built-in display.

Once a month I have to travel for a week at a time. In this configuration, I use the built-in screen and an external monitor (typically 2560x1440.)

Because I need all my files with me when I travel, I can't use a two computer solution.

Ideally, I like a laptop that supported two of the ASUS 4K PB287Q monitors.

I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas for where to look for such a beast.