Laptop turns off while gaming, not overheating (possible power problems?)


Aug 2, 2015
Sorry for yet another thread of this kind but this is pretty much my last attempt before I start spending money on replacing components or buying a new pc entirely. Nothing I have tried so far fixed it.
So I bought this laptop something like 2 years ago and so far it never gave me this kind of problem, it quite simply turns off while playing games without BSOD like somebody "pulled the plug". I had overheating issues in the past as I use this laptop mostly for gaming but those seemed fixed just by purchasing a cooling pad and cleaning the fans with compressed air regularly, also the temperatures of CPU/GPU/Motherboard/etc. were never above 75 °C wich were never enough to cause a shutdown.
One thing I noticed is that while gaming the screen would sometimes go darker for like a second, as if somebody removed the power cord and the computer started using the battery. When this happens I know for sure the shutdown will occur after a few minutes (even when the shutdown occurs, the screen goes slightly darker for a split second before the pc turns off for good). This would lead me to believe this is a power related issue, however I am no expert. One last thing I noticed is that if I try to restart the laptop normally after a shutdown, it won't turn on unless the power cord is plugged in, if it isn't pressing the button will do nothing.
These are my specs (or rather what specs I could gather):

HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit
Intel Core i7-3610WM CPU @ 2.30 GHz (8 CPUs), 2.3GHz
Nvidia Geforce GT 630m 2Gb (an Intel HD Graphics 4000 is also listed in the video cards)
8 Gb RAM
DirectX 11
ITD High Definition Audio CODEC

I tought I had fixed the issue a week ago where after trying various fixes seen around various forums, I uninstalled Avira and changed the power settings but the issue returned two days ago and now it happens every 20-30 minutes or so ingame.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Aug 2, 2015
Had it opened and cleaned today as I've been told it might have been a overheating ptoblem regardless of the temoeratures I could monitor, nothing. The issue is still there. I'm desperate at this point


Jun 18, 2014
I mentioned earlier:

Your laptop need go services.
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