Laptop Water Spill (can it damage internal battery?) Asus N550JK


Feb 8, 2016
Yes another laptop water damage thread, but please hear me out!..............

1) 3 weeks ago, about half cup of water through the keyboard, forced shutdown within 5 seconds.

2) I let it dry 3-4 days, but it wouldn't stay on longer than a few seconds once dry.

3) Repair shop just gave it an alcohol bath and charged me $130... Then claimed it didn't shut off a single time after the corrosion was cleaned up, even though Windows 10 system event log showed critical error kernal power event 41 dozens of times while it was in the shop.

The laptop loses power suddenly with a distinct 'popping' noise (does not always make the noise) (I assume from the ssd or the internal battery). It either self-reboots or just stays shut off after this happens. Sometimes the power button just stays lit up and there is no boot, but the fans kick in hard after a few minutes unless I force-press a shutdown. It can stay on anywhere from 1 second to 6 hours.

Every single test I have run shows no negative results. Dozens of programs testing every component I possibly could, all of them had passing results (getting the laptop the stay on was the hardest part while running them). Does not seem to be a heat or fan issue.

Battery charges to 100% fairly quickly, loses % quicker than it did prior to the spill.But I can't see why it would be causing me sudden shutdowns.

I guess my questions are:

1- can a water spill damage the internal battery (or the AC adapter for that matter)
2- does this sound like a fixable situation? Or should I just forget about this laptop.. :(

Thank you.



Jun 12, 2017
Doesn't seem fixable. If water gets into laptops while they're turned on the chances of permanent damage is incredibly high. I'd say this one is a lost cause. My guess is that the motherboard's power delivery was damaged, and it's unfixable.


Dec 17, 2012

Seems like something burned through in the laptop. So yeah it's pretty much for the trash now. Water on it whilst it's on results almost always in a dead computer.
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