laptop won't connect to zte mobile hotspot.

Mar 18, 2018
my father has been using a zte hot spot for his wifi. (not real tech savy) it has been working fine for awhile but now the box lights up full signal, shows up as a network with full bars on his laptop (acer) but the second you click it, it say network not configured and has no connection. what do i do? i can't log into anything without internet? but it doesnt connect


Dec 6, 2006

Can you connect with any other devices (phone, tablet or another laptop) to the ZTE mobile hotspot?

Mar 18, 2018
Can you connect with any other devices (phone, tablet or another laptop) to the ZTE mobile hotspot?


i tried connecting my phone to it, it comes up on my phone full bars, but when i tap to and put in the password the "connect" but doesn't let me tap it on my screen? (i have a galaxy s7)
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