Laptop won't recognize hard drive and refuses to boot

Sep 21, 2018
Hi all

This is a long story so sit tight

2 months back my laptop's hard drive died. It was already on its way out and it finally gave in. My laptop would sit in a black screen, show me the VAIO logo, and then say "Operating System not found". I eventually bought a new hard drive, it was however external with USB 3.0. I installed Windows on it and tried booting trough it that way. Same thing. Tried to get to BIOS however it just wouldn't take me there. I tried hitting Escape, Delete, all the F buttons.. Nothing. Eventually, I ripped the external HDD open and installed it straight into my laptop so it would essentially be an internal HDD. With windows installed, I try again. And once again, the same thing. At this point, I am out of idea and in need of desperate help. I spent 50€ on this HDD and would like that to not go to waste.

Laptop model is SVE1512W1ESI (Sony Vaio)