Laptop won't turn back on after connecting 2 portable phone chargers by usb

Mar 2, 2018
My toshiba satellite laptop's screen went black like it's battery died a few minutes after trying to charge 2 portable phone chargers connected by usb. Now my laptop will not turn back on even after leaving it plugged in over an hr. to recharge it. I tried disconnecting everything that was plugged into the laptop and then reconnecting the charger for over an hr. and it still will not turn back on.
What may be the problem?
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==Toshiba: Satellite L55t-A5186
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==64-bit Operating System
==X64-Based Processor
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==Windows 8.1
==Pen & Touch: Full Windows Touch Support w/ 10 Touch Points


Question from skittles10011992 : "Laptop won't turn back on"

sound like the charger shorted the laptop .
Mar 2, 2018
How can u fix the computer if it shorted it?
And it was just a small portable charger that I've plugged into the laptop before to charge and o never had a problem till now.
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