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I am selling a couple of my Laserdisc Players that have gone bad. Pioneed
wants more money to fix them then there worth.Piss's me off since both these
players I paid aroung $1000 .Both in Mint shape otherwise.

Pioneer CLD-D703 No AC-3 Auto Flip
Out of the blue one day, it desided not to open. Turns on fine but wont

Mitsubishi M-V7057 has AC-3 and Auto flip
Works fine but gives you a distorted picture.Sound is fine tooon Movies.
Won't Play CD's tho? The Mitsubishi is a Pioneer CLD-D704 Clone

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Dec 31, 2007
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I purchased a used 703 a few years ago and the seller misrepresented a
problem with it. First side played fine, but when it flipped to the second
side, the player would start jumping all over the place for the first 3
minutes or so of the side. It would go from 1:11 to 1:47 to 1:30 to some
other time. I couldn't go to the very beginning of the disc. So I shipped
it back, figuring it was broken in transit. The seller got his claim and
went AWOL. Never refunded me (eBay eventually did). As far as YOUR 703,
have you tried unplugging it for a long period of time? My CLD-D503
started acting up one day when I powered it on. It sounded like the laser
mechanism would not initialize. It would try, but fail. The tray would
then keep opening, and would not want to stay closed. So I closed the
tray, and pulled the power before it could open up on me again. I figured
it was shot. Two months later, I plug it in and for some odd reason it
works fine again.