Laserdisc problem



Hi everyone-

I have a big problem with a Sony Laserdisc MDP-500 I just purchased from eBay, promised to be in "excellent" condition. The unit refuses to stay powered up for more than about 5 seconds and then abruptly powers down.

Any ideas on this one? Or at service outlets in Chicago or surrounding?

THANKS tremendously.



Nov 13, 2009
Something is shorting out the power supply, is my guess. If you're game, and it isn't too involved, you might unplug the unit from its AC power plug, remove the cover and inspect the insides to see if something was jarred loose or obviously out of place while in shipment.

If you find something, and can see how to restore it to its proper position, (sometimes it really is easy to tell these things), give it a go. In any event, be sure to replace the cover before plugging in and turning it on again.

Contrarywise, you might enter "Sony MDP-500" into your favorite search engine and you will very likely find several sites offering technical support, even Sony. If you go to Sony's site you're sure to find the list of service centers where you may take or send the unit for help.

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