Solved! MCA PR-7820 Cables?


Mar 14, 2011
Hello expert people! I just picked up one of these laser disc players. I
would love to get this working! Only thing is it is just the unit and
power cord, with remote control. Is there a place to get all the cables
I need to get this thing running? Will it hook up to a normal current
day TV? For the hell of it I plugged it in, it powers up, the door for
putting in the discs opens and it makes interesting sounds. I've been
searching google and found this site, any help would be great, thanks
in advance! My email is
All you need is audio video cables, right ,left, video, with RCA plugs on both ends. Most TV's have the three inputs. These do not need to be expensive high quality cables, the $10 one works just fine.