Question Lenovo L430 mystery problem

Jul 1, 2019
Lenovo L430 mystery problem. Maybe power, maybe CPU, maybe display, idk. Read for further issues


I have take on repairing a lenovo thinkpad L430 for the first time. I have repaired several other manufactures, mainly apple and gaming consoles. Took this on for a friend. Owner said the start up process got progressively longer and assumed it was a virus. When one day the display just never came back on.

The issue began with the thinkpad turning on (seemingly) witht he power light, battery light and processer light coming on, however the display showed nothing. In past repairs I have found that occasionally if there are bad sectors in the hard drive it can cause this issue, as well as display ribons being damaged or corrosion from liquid damage. So I started with removing the hard drive. I put into a docking station on a known good laptop. The hard drive was recognized. Ran a CHKDSK scan, came back good. Ran virus scan, came back with two trojans and a heuristic virus, all of which were in a recovery folder, quarantined and removed. Then ran defrag for good measure, as well as a disk clean. Upon replacing back into the original laptop, No change.

So I next tried further dismantling the laptop to replace the thermal paste for good measure and checked the display ribon, as well as a power drain and removed the bios battery for a hard reset. Thermal paste was pretty old and mostly dried, so guess it was good to replace. Also display ribon looked fine. During the process I removed the memory, by force of habit. Upon replugging the necessary plugs and bios battery, memory, harddrive, etc for a test. It started beeping at me 1,3,3,1. knew i screwed up and didnt seat the memory properly. rectified that issue. Now I have a whole new problem. Upon putting everything back together and trying to power up, it will begin the power up for like 2 seconds, then I hear the hard drive make a faint beep, then it powers down immediately. I know this is either temp (not an issue, or shouldnt be at this point), bad power or cpu/memory. Upon reseating the memory it no longer made the 1,3,3,1 beep, so i'm assuming that isn't the issue. Or have I fried the memory by not seating it properly the first time? Or do you think the cpu is bad? Also I took a multimeter to the power jack and found it sends proper amperage and voltage.

see video for visual of issue.

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Jul 1, 2019
remove the hard drive again and try to boot with e.g. Ubuntu live on an USB flash drive

connect an external monitor to the laptop

But isn't the restart loop caused by a POST failure? I was under the assumption POST failures are caused by bad ram, bios chip, CPU or GPU? The harddrive that was in it was fine, so what would ubuntu help? Sorry, not intending to doubt, just to understand. Also had the problem of external monitor cant be activated without first accessing the display settings. There isn't an Fn button or any of the F1,F2 with a secondary function for external monitors
The HDD will be initialized in the POST process as well. If the SATA controller can´t access the HDD or freezes by initializing the HDD, the post can fail or freeze a well.
The less hardware is connected the less problems can occur ;)

Check with different RAM

Check with a different charger
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