Solved! Lenovo laptop does not turn on or show any signs at all

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Jan 8, 2022
I have this Lenovo laptop that I used, after a shutdown it does not turn back on, does not charge either almost like it's completely dead
No signs from power buttons
Things I have tried:
Turning out the battery and pressing the power button for 30 seconds and with battery
Removed the cmos battery wire and putting it back
It may be a problem with the motherboard--a defective part. Very hard for you to fix. Typically means a new motherboard although a good repair show may be able to fix it. Could also be the external charger is not working or the power connector is bad. I would try to gently wiggle the power connector to see if contact has been lost. Next try a different charger. The machine should work even if the battery is bad, but I have seen a few cases where this was not true.


Dec 21, 2021
Hi @Person555533 ,

mmmhh not an expert, but not really sure if the motherboard would be the problem, this looks more a power supply issue to me....
I'd check some easy fixes to be sure where this come from.
First, with the pc unplugged hold in the power button for about 30/ seconds. Then plug it in and see if it will start. If it does awesome, if not you can try it again but also pop out the CMOS battery from the motherboard and leave it out for a short time, then put it back and try powering up again.
If none of this work, the next thing to do is replacing the power supply.

Buying a motherboard is quite expensive, before making such an investment, be sure the problem is there.

Hope it helps.
Lemme know!
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