Lenovo laptop not booting?


Sep 30, 2016
TL : DR Lenovo Z480 Indicator LED's turn on for 100ms on power button being pressed, then entire laptop powers off.

Wall of text edition:
I purchased a laptop on ebay for $90, it is a Lenovo Z480 (the i7 model) with a broken power jack. I received it today and charged up the battery that came with it using my other (working) lenovo laptop. I charged it up to 20%, swapped it into the Z480, and attempted to power it on. When I pressed the power button, 3 LED's came on for about 100ms, then the entire system shut off. (there was no monitor, hdd, or fan action). I completely disassembled the laptop, reseated all components swapped ram w/ another laptop to confirm its working correctly, and attempted to power it on again, the problem persisted.

Any ideas? I dont feel like I need to return the laptop considering I should at least have a good processor out of it, as well as some good parts.