Lenovo Laptop won't boot


Dec 2, 2015
Hello there! I kinda need thy help.
I have a problem with my laptop. Its a Lenovo Ideapad.

Here's what happened:
I was doing my regular researching regarding on my subjects. Then the processor slowed down, few seconds later it lagged. So i did the cntrl + alt + delete to access the task manager but it failed. So I did the hard reset/shut down just to restart my laptop.

After that I power on again the laptop, then the regular booting then a screen with a sad smiley appears and some notice. Saying that it failed to load and automatically restart to the booting screen.

I turned off and on again, then I heard some 'beep' noice. And the screen was stuck at the word "Lenovo" without the circular loading thing at the bottom.

Care for any help??? Please?? I have important files in my laptop.

It's trying to boot. Good chance that your hard drive or SSD died. I would suggest trying to remove the drive and accessing it from someone's desktop.