Lenovo P40 yoga not running programs well


Jul 5, 2016
Hello I recently bought this laptop in spring, mainly for SolidWorks, but it hasn't been running smoothly. When I tried to do the explosion diagrams it started glitching. Luckily before starting the project all over I tried loading it on another computer at school, and it was running perfectly fine. Those computers run slower than my laptop, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Using google or playing a lower spec game will use over 50% of the CPU, heat up, and for games, not load properly. These games are lower quality like Roller coaster tycoon to Star Wars Knights of the old republic, which I was able to play on an ipad. I tried downloading MatLab and ran into an error with that, not sure if it's related I was more concerned with working around it at the time. When I try to use the touch screen in programs like Word, it freezes. Starting to feel like I bought this laptop for surfing the web. I went into the Nvidia settings for Gpu, updated drivers on device manager and directly. Windows 10, 16gigs of ram, Intel core i7 6600U, quadrom500m gpu. Any ideas? Thanks!