Lenovo screen problems


Apr 10, 2015
So i just bought a new lenovo thinkpad edge e50-80 and im loving it so far, the only problem so far that i noticed that all o the programs for example torrent when you turn it on is kind of blurry i checked the display everything is at recommended and i found near the brigthness option that thee is size text of apps and other stuff, ant lowering it down to 100% fixed it but everything is so small now i can barely see anything and if i go back at 125% the reccomended one by laptop everything is blurry i mean the dekstop browser everything is all right but when i turn any program the program itself is blurry oh and the torrent icon compared to google chrome icon i like 8bit, any way to fix this?
The program was just not written well to scale. Have to pick what looks best to you. Brightness won't change things. Make sure your screen resolution is set to the default one for the screen also.