Solved! Lenovo Yoga 720 15ikb - Legacy mode loads up but gives me a black screen

Jun 30, 2019
So I got the dreaded "can't find hard drive insert and press any key" etc... my screen works.
  • I went into bios, it said no hard drive detected
  • I turn on legacy mode, go to bios and my hard drive is detected
  • I restart to use the comp. Everything turns on but once it loads. I just get a black screen.
here's the interesting thing.
  • in legacy mode it only loads up to the black screen if I disable fast boot
  • when I enable fast boot it loads up saying that it can't detect hard drive but when I go into bios my hard drive is detected. Regardless of it being in legacy mode.
anyone know a fix?
try repairing windows with an install media. You can create one with windows media creator and an USB flash drive

update the BIOS of the laptop in BIOS itself