lenovo z580 format restore


Apr 10, 2011
id like to format my z580, but retain the original windows that came with it, in case i want to resell
so its original etc, how can i do this, is it an image i have to do, if i look in windows explorer
i can see c: and d: c has the os and d had what i can see are the drivers, can i image the whole
drive and literally just back it up with say acronis or other, if so how to do it correctly
when i go to format and install windows 7 do i format d: as well

Vibeo Liery

Dec 23, 2015
It's always recommended that you backup your personal files rather than Windows files, because the files which are on your computer are not the same which are in installation disc. As far as format of computer is concerned you have to create or should have an image file on CD/DVD to accomplish it.
Make sure you backup your important files before format, as there are less chances to recover lost data after format.