LG K7 is acting annoying


Aug 25, 2017
I just recently got my LG K7 Titan replaced through the insurance (Assurance is the company, I think) and the screen is acting dumb. The phone turns on, all parts of the screen are responsive, the camera and speakers work but when the screen times out (or when I hit the lock button) the screen won't turn back on. Holding the lock button does nothing. Double tapping the volume buttons doesn't open their corresponding apps. No phone calls come through. It's almost like the phone is dead. Though, when I remove and replace the battery, it starts back up and works with no issue until the screen turns off. My carrier said it was a "battery saving feature" while it's updating but it's been on for a whole day and all the updates are finished. It even says my phone is up to date when I look in the settings. Can this be fixed manually or will I need another replacement?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
If it isn't working, and you just got this particular device you need to contact them back and tell them it isn't working so they can replace it, again.