Logitech G930 Vs Sony Pulse Elite


Apr 18, 2013
I'm planning on buying a wireless headset within the next couple of days. It will be for gaming and I'd like surround sound. Both cards have mics and 7.1 surround sound. Everyone says the G930s are great but I can't seem to find any comparisons to Sony's Pulse Elite. I know the Pulse is made for the PS3 but most reviews say it works great with PC's also, and the BassImpact seems like a pretty cool idea. Has anyone owned both of these headsets and can give a comparison?


Apr 29, 2013

Whether a headphone is good or not depends on the listener, it's possible he just didn't like the sound signature of the higher end cans.
In any case, price isn't an accurate measurement for quality.


Sep 27, 2012

That's true, but I wasn't going off of price, I was going off of what the headphones are designed for.
Headsets designed for gaming tend to have lower quality audio than headphones that are just designed for audio.


Jan 2, 2014
My brother got the G930 for gaming, and I got the Pulse Elite for gaming and also for doing some language practices and skyping overseas. The G930s have longer range, i'd say around 27 ft, walls and doors included, and with the Pulse I got about 18 ft. There are some pros and cons with both, the G930s have a set of 3 buttons which can be programmed to change tracks, ie if you're listening to music, etc. but you have to download the software to your PC if you want those buttons to work, or Dolby sound. The Pulse don't have any programmable buttons, but they have sliders to adjust the Bass, which btw is really powerful and you can feel the whole thing vibrating; the volume and to change the sound mode (Music, Movies, Game, etc.). I've had and tried many Headphones, from cheap ones to the most expensive ones, and I also play the piano, so my ear is quite trained. I liked the sound coming out from the G930s, it has nice mids and highs, but falls quite down on the lows. The Pulse, wow, I mean, not that wow, but for being gaming headphones i really liked the sound coming through them. And you can adjust the Bass, as i stated earlier, so they can sound like the g930, which have virtually no Bass, or like a high schooler's car, making the ground tremble. The mic is great in both, The Pulse's is embedded in the left headphone, and you can adjust the feedback you get from it with a button, The g930's got the old-fashioned bar style mic, enhanced by a LED light which tells you if its on or off, they both get clear, loud sound. I haven't had any issues with their Mics. I've tried them both on computer gaming, Windows, Mac, PS3, TV's, etc, and i'd say the Pulses are a little better all around. One more thing, The Pulse's USB Wireless stick has got a nice 3.5 input jack, which means you can plug virtually ANY source of sound, and it'll send it right to your headset, wirelessly, the headset has also got a 3.5 jack, which you can plug directly to your smartphone, laptop or tablet, it works even when your batteries have gone off.
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