looking for a fix for "no bootable device--please restart system@


Sep 25, 2016
Hi. I use a Toshiba L50-C satellite laptop, I accidentally wiped my hard drive (Toshiba mq10abd100) with diskpart. now when I turn it on this is what appears on the screen "no bootable device--please restart system", when i go to the bios menu, the "change boot order" option is unselectable..is there a fix for this problem?
If you wiped your drive, you are going to need another form of media, CD/DVD or USB, with the OS on it so you can reinstall it.

1. You will need your Windows OS (Operating System) CD or bootable Windows OS USB device.
2. Connect the bootable USB device or insert the CD into your computer.
3. Now use the "F2, F12 and Delete" keys enter BIOS setup.
4. Click "Repair Your Computer" below the "Install Now" button.
5. While you are in the "Repair Your Computer" open "CMD" (Command Prompt).
6. When you are in "CMD" type “diskpart” then type “list volume”.
7. Next you will be in "list volume". All volumes should be shown.
8. Find your system volume, where the windows are installed and then type “select volume ###“(system volume C) shows on CMD. Ex. select volume 3.
9. After you have selected the volume, type “ACTIVE“. Your system partition is active now.
10. Now type ”exit” to leave diskpart and then type ”exit” again to close CMD.
11. That’s it now RESTART your computer.

This should work, if you follow the steps correctly.

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