Looking for a good 2.1 speaker set-up for max $375.


Dec 26, 2011

I would like a new 2.1 speaker set-up, but I can't seem to find a good well balanced speaker set.
Currently I own a Logitech Z523 speaker set but with this system I find that the subwoofer is to powerfull, while the satellite speakers aren't very clear or loud.

I would like to know if anyone can give me any recommandations on a good 2.1 speaker set where the subwoofer isn't to powerfull. I also would like to know if it would be wise to get a sound card, and if so wich one would be best? Price would be max $375 for the whole set-up. I also hear that near-field speakers are very good but I personally have no experience with them.

I would really like better audio on my PC (wich I mainly use for gaming and music) and since I only have room for a 2.1 set I can't go for a 5.1 set-up. I have tried headphones but I don't find them very comfortable.

Thankx in advance!