Looking for a laptop for school, suggestions?


Jan 22, 2015
I am currently a student studying Information Systems. I have been and will continue programming using Microsoft Visual Studio among other things. I would like to develop apps in my free time. I don't need any fancy GPU for gaming, I don't really game much anymore. My current laptop is an 11" Lenovo Flex 3. It is pretty slow when working with bigger programs and the display is starting to go after only two years. I utilize the tablet feature of the Lenovo only occasionally, so that is not a big deal if it is not on the new one.

Overall, I'm looking for something with a decent processor, 8GB or more RAM (or upgradable), and preferably a SSD (or open/upgradable bays). Around the $650 range, give or take.

So far, I have seen these on amazon:


I'm more in the loop for desktops and looking for someone with knowledge about laptops to help me decide on one of these two or suggest alternatives.

Thank you