Looking for Macbook Pro equivalent


Jul 4, 2006
I love 4 basic features about the Macbook Pro aesthetic:

1.) <1" thin. No debate.
2.) Metal case. Absolutely no plastic.
3.) Cube-shaped. No sloped down bottom (ick).
4.) Touch-Pad. Big and smooth, but not glass.

Beyond that, here's what I need inside:

1.) BLACK. Some white is fine.
2.) CPU: Quad-Core (Unless it doesn't fit in the <1" case). No "U" series CPU's.
3.) GPU: GT 640M (Unless, again, it doesn't fit heat-wise).
4.) 15-15.6" w/1920x1080. MATTE. IPS-preferred.
5.) As much battery life as physically possible. No less than 5 hours for casual surfing.
6.) Don't care about weight, but I'd like at least an option to limit the fan noise (as in, not spinning at all times).
7.) I don't need an OS or an HDD. I have my own. Same goes for ODD.. unless it's a really slim BD player (but prefer not).
8.) Preferably not over 1,300$, but if there's a perfect laptop for more I'll consider it.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

Thank you!


Dec 25, 2012
elitebook 8570p. Yes, it is slightly over one inch. It is made from mostly aluminium but yes there is some plastic to it but it is high quality. Touch pad is excellent. Shape is good. No, its only a dual core i7 but it has hyperthreading which makes it a quad core. It is the correct screen size, matte but not full hd. Anyways a screen that size doesnt need fulll hd. It does come with a 500gb hdd with a ODD and OS. The price is fitting.

SO generally, this would be the perfect laptop I would recommend for you, but there are some requirements not met. That would be it being slightly over 1 inch and having plastic. And its white aluminium because its just not supposed to be black. But if you want an identical notebook to a mac, you should just go get a mac and leave the pc community alone.



Unfortunately, it is only the 8GB version. It's a great tablet as long as you are not looking for one with a rear facing camera, but the storage cannot be increased due to a lack of a micro SD slot. I guess they are just trying to get rid of old stock.


Jul 4, 2006

This is a step in the right direction, but it's still silver. I might as well get a Macbook Pro if all I can find is silver laptops.

Yeah, 2,500$ is too much to spend on a beige laptop. I hate beige more than silver.

The white version is actually not bad.. I would say that if it had everything I wanted, I'd spend the 1,900$.

On top of that, I've heard that it overheats.


It seems like even the white version has 2 SSD's in RAID 0.

It's a real shame ASUS does not offer a model with a simple HDD, because I have my own SSD to put into it and the price difference would make it a sell for me.
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