Looking for Microphone + Headphone for gaming, recording videos and music. (150-200€ budget)


Nov 8, 2014
Hello everyone, I'm quite new to audio equipment in general, so I'm honestly at a loss for what headphones and microphone I should get.

I want to record games, as well as listen to music, without too much loss on either end. I do not want a headset, the microphones on those generally don't do it for me in terms of quality.

I've looked around a bit already, and I've considered a Blue Snowball mic (the Yeti is a bit too big in my opinion, so that one's out), although as I mentioned, I have no idea if that's considered good quality or not.
In terms of headphones, perhaps Sennheiser is a good option, though again, no clue what model I'd want. I'd prefer closed (I don't want my audio leaking out too much).

I don't think I can get a dedicated sound card, considering I only have a laptop (don't quite have the money for a decent desktop), but do correct me if I'm wrong.

Feel free to suggest items that go above my budget. I'll consider them just as well if they're great quality.


Nov 11, 2013
I posted elsewhere with an identical question but haven't received any responses. I like the the Blue Yeti Pro and the Sennheiser HD 598's. I've got two questions regarding those Sennheisers though:

Does using the plug converter degrade the sound quality?

Being open backed, would I have to worry about the microphone picking up the sound from my headphones? I am not at all familiar with open backed headphones.