Looking for new 4k tv for ps4 gaming


Jul 13, 2015
Hi I'm looking to buy a new TV to use with my ps4 I want it to be 55 inches and above sea I have a budget of 1400$ I'm trying to find a tv that size under my budget with low input lag can someone help me by the tv has to be 4k and 120 or 240fps with hdmi 2.0 since I will be using my pc to game from time to time and I want to watch netflix in 4k I'm also thinking of purchasing surround sound.I see a lot of sound bars don't know what they are but I want the type of suroind sound I can put around my living room so sound comes from all directions there are 4 corners in my living room I also will be needing a subwoofer with the suroind sound.i need it to be under 400 or close to it Thanks.


Mar 23, 2015
Is this in USD$? Also, a few quick notes:
- The FPS will be irrelevant. The PS4 can only output a max of 60FPS and most TV's which achieve those refresh rates don't actually display 120/240FPS. Just look for ones that have a "Game Mode" or "Low Input Latency" mode.
- Soundbars are a waste of money. If you want real surround sound, consider purchasing a system off of Craigslist (or your local trading site) or buy new if you can afford it. Aim for 4.1,5.1 or 7.1 (depending on your budget).


Jun 17, 2016
Ah yes Neo well I'm sure you will have no problem getting into 4K with that seen as it has got a r9 390 i think or something around them lines at least