Oct 27, 2012
For about a month now, I've been trying endlessly to find a solution to my problem. I've needed to host a video streaming website to share videos for myself and my colleagues. I've tried solutions like clipbucket, cumulusclips, and phpmotion, but I have yet to get one working, always resulting in an error in the FFMPEG codecs or just a php related error. I tried wordpress with a few plugins, but wordpress does not seem like it was built to handle a video streaming site. In the end, I would be the only one uploading anything, so I really don't have a use for their multi-user uploading capabilities. All I really need is a way for myself to upload a video, have it converted to multiple formats so mobile viewing would be plausible, and displayed on a page, where preferably, users could search for a video on a main page. I possess no knowledge of PHP programming but I am able to throw something together in HTML/CSS and understand linux/webhosting well enough to get a site up and running. Hardware will not be an issue. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated as I've hit a wall and have basically run out of free php scripts to try out. Thank you.

Side note: I would prefer a method not involving something with a built in flash player, I'd like to play this full HTML5 and either use the default player or something like video.js but if a solution with HTML5 does not exist I would be happy to stick with flash.
im guessing your encoding in h.264 video. what video converter are you using? also the video in question could you download mediainfo @ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1YrzAoFrFzVR0VuTmNGbWZHYnc/edit?usp=sharing. Unzip the folder. Open the program. On the first screen change output format to text. Click OK. Drag and drop the video file into the program interface. Post back the results of the video info.


Jun 25, 2014

Hi, have you considered the third party services? I think it would save you from headaches. I was trying as you are, but maybe I am just not that patient. I found many streaming providers like Ustream and others, but the final decision was Click2stream.com - for little money they provide you with the embedding code, easy as hell :)

Much easier to solve - in my humble opinion.

Good luck with that! Arthur!