Looking to pick 1 of 3 screens to send TV Cable to


Jun 12, 2016
I have 3 screens connected to my mac. Each HDMI

I also have Fios TV and I want to a splitter which will allow me to have 2 inputs (Mac & Fios) and have 3 outputs for each of the screens.

I want to be able to say have Mac as Input A and Fios TV as Input B. I further want to be able to be able to display Fios TV on any one of the screens. For example I select input B and output 1 and that would display Fios TV on my first screen, but the input A would still output to screens 2 and 3.

Basically I want to be able to individually choose which screen gets which input. If I want to watch TV on all 3, so be it. If I want to display my Mac on all 3 screens, so be it. If I want to display my Mac on 2 and the TV on 1 or even my TV on 2 and my mac on 1.

What on earth kind of splitter(s) do I need to make this happen?