MacBook Pro 15" 6,2 Components Upgrade


Mar 24, 2011
Looking to upgrade my MacBook Pro 15 with some new components and am hoping to get some recommendations.

Looking to upgrade: RAM, Hard Drive, and Battery

Model Specs are:
MacBook Pro 15” 2010
Model Identifier: MacBookPro 6,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i5
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

Thank you for any recommendations


Nov 18, 2014
Batteries are easy to replace, just buy one on ebay/amazon from a well-reviewed seller that advertises compatibility.
You should be able to use standard sodimm RAM. If I remember correctly, I was able to get 8GB running at 1333 MHz just fine on my 2010 pro. You should be able to install up to 16GB even if it is not supported, but you may want to research compatibility first. Stick with the lower voltage RAM and only used a matched set (don't just stick a single 8GB stick in)

You can use any standard SSD. I would recommend a samsung 840 PRO or 850. I actually took my superdrive out (I hardly ever used it) and installed a HDD instead, giving me both SSD and HDD storage. If your new drive via usb, you can clone your current drive using a program called "superduper." It works pretty well. After cloning, you can basically just swap drives and be done.
There are plenty of sites which will tell you what memory to buy for your laptop. Here is an example.

Harddrives - these are run-of-the-mill. Pick a HDD/SDD, swap, reinstall (or clone).

Battery - I don't know whether there are extended batteries (as for "upgrade"), but you should find both original and third-party batteries for your Mac around the web.
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