Magnavox Home Theater


Aug 5, 2013
I bought a 1967 Magnavox Imperial Astro Sonic (Agean-Model) with Phantom Remote!! I have to pick it up yet!! It came from a Non Smoking Home & it was not used that much because the Faceplate has (NO) Wear anywhere & the Solid Pecan Wood Cabinet has not a Scratch on it!! Everything Work's even the Phantom Remote Control but the TV don't it has sit for year's in a Courner!! I'd like to get the TV Working Again!! I know the Picture Tube lights up on the Back of it!! Are there other Vacuum tubes for the TV Part? He has Quite a Record Collection & so do I!! Mine are all Magnavox Demostration Record's & 3/4 of them are still Factory Sealed yet!!
So do I get a Reair Man in to get the TV Repaired!! I'd like to keep it all Original!! I was born in 1951 & Grew up with these set's & I know there is a High Voltage Transformer in it!!
I know part of the Model Number is 4P