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    Solved! My Magnavox flat screen turns on but the buttons won't let us turn power down or change settings

    My Magnavox tv volume is sitting on the highest it can go and the remote won't work either will the buttons up
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    Solved! How to connect magnavox DVD player to Visio D24hn-G9 tv

    How to connect magnavox DVD player to Visio D24hn-G9 tv. Bought rca-to-hdmi cable but this isn’t working- get “no signal” message
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    i have a 70's Magnavox console tv with remote but before channel scan and menus. I can't seem to get channel 3.

    Looking for someone familiar with old mid 1970's Magnavox console tv. It has a remote but no number buttons and no menu or programming obviously. The remote won't advance to channel 3 and can't enter 03 for some reason. It does have coax input but without channel 3 I can't display anything.
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    Solved! I have a magnavox TV how do I change it from Direct TV to Netflix

    I have a magnavox TV how do I change it from Direct TV to Netflix.
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    Solved! Magnavox TV with LG surround sound HELP!!

    I have a Magnavox smart TV of course, I have a 300 watt LG surround sound system. My TV doesn't have an optical spot but it has HDMI ports. I had to buy a converter in order to hear my Firestick through my surround sound, but I still can't hear my TV through it. I have tried switching the cables...
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    Solved! no audio out of surround sound

    I have a Onkyo surround sound reciever and a Magnavox TV . I can get sound out of the T V itself but not through the surround sound
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    Solved! Magnavox tv remoteless

    O3 magnavox, remoteless. Trying to hook up converter box. No hdmi on tv. Have a universal remote and antenna not hooked up. Need Very simple instructions please
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    Magnavox flashing colors

    Trying to get my Magnavox flat screen to stop flashing colors?
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    Solved! Burning on Bluetooth Magnavox 50-inch Smart TV

    I can turn my Bluetooth on my phone to my new LG sj7 series Soundbar and subwoofer but I can't hook up my Magnavox TV with bluetooth I don't know where you go to do that on a Magnavox smart
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    We bought a Samsung 2160p HD TV and also have an older Magnavox DVD/VHS Recorder the TV doesnt have the green Blue and Red cab

    NEED HELP Connecting Older Magnavox DVD/VHS Recorder to a Samsung 2160p TV the TV only has HDMI ports and the DVD/VHS has the red green and blue ports do we need a converter and if so what converter for under $50.00 would be best?
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    I want to connect my lg phone to my magnavox tv

    I'm trying to connect my lg astro2 to my magnavox tv
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    How do i stream from my phone to smart magnavox tv

    I have a phone and wifi wondering if i can stream to my magnavox smart tv ?
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    How do you hook up a Magnavox 50in tv to a ilive sound bar the tv sounds come thru it but when I watch Netflix built into the

    Looking to hook up a ilive sound bar to a 50in Magnavox smart tv
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    I have a sharp tv what wires do I need to hook up a magnavox soundbar

    What wires do I need to hook up a magnavox soundbar to a sharp tv
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    Magnavox-1402ud to operate a Magnavox dvd mwd200f

    I have a Magnavox remote nh1402ud but I can't get the DVD player to recognize it
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    Solved! Magnavox smart tv

    My TV has a fuzzy screen and can hardly see the tv
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    Magnavox DVD tv stndby light stuck

    Magnavox DVD combo standby red light only on tv. and remote broke is not working new batteries still not working. Unplugged it and still standby light only on. Power button nothing . +/- nothing. Roku usually turns tv on but not working bc standby light on. ANY ideas
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    how can I hook up an orange rca output plug to a toslink plug input

    How do I hook up Magnavox digital audio output ( orange plug ) , to a toslink input jack ?
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    Mirror screening my android to my Magnavox TV

    Can I post my TV model # & my phone type on here and someone maybe send me a link or something with info that I need for my Android to let me cast or mirror screen to my Magnavox TV
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    How do I program a magnavox universal remote to my tcl roku tv so I can connect to the Internet

    How do I program my magnavox universal remote to my tcl roku tv so that I can connect to he internet
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    How can I hook up my magnavox soundbar to my smarttv with no remote

    Trying to hook up my soundbar need help please
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    Solved! How to hook a panasonic sa-pt660 home theater to a 50 magnavox smart tv with amazon firebox tv

    I have a magnavox 50" smart tv, model# 50mv336x/f7. I dont use a cable box, but amazon firebox. I want to hook my old panasonic sa-pt660 home theater to it. Have tried the RCA jacks, but only get static and no yellow port on tv. Any help would be great, so I dont go buy a new theater setup
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    Solved! Lost on my magnavox

    How do i screencast to my magnavox smart tv
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    I have smart Polaroid tv, old magnavox dvd/vcr dv225mg9, dish cable box. how do I connect all?

    a retired teacher
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    Alacatel tablet to old magnavox without HDMI.

    How do I hookup an alcatel one touch pop 7 model p310a tablet (which only has a micro USB) to an old magnavox tv model 20mt 1331/17 which only has a 2 rca ports. 1 yellow one white? I can get WiFi or hotspot on table? It's to watch amazon prime and cns all access thru Amazon. Please help.
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    Magnavox MDR535h/F7 how to factory reset this unit.

    Does anyone know how to factory reset this unit? The HDMI port stopped working and was hoping a factory reset would get it to work..thanks
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    How do I cast from Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge to Magnavox Smart TV

    What app to I need to install on my phone?
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    How do I hookup my Magnavox TV to my fm stereo fm-am receiver

    I would like to know what I will need to do to get this done please
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    how do I record from Direct TV DVR to Magnavox VHS/ DVD Recorder ZV427MG9

    recording problem with vcr/dvd recorder
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    How do I link my DVD player and tablet and Android phone with my magnavox manual old flat screen TV and magnavox DVD player?

    I have a LG stylo3 plus and a tablet and a magnavox tv and DVD player I want to watch YouTube videos on my magnavox tv or DVD player I have YouTube on both devices but my magnavox tv is not a smart TV it's a regular flat screen TV and I don't have a remote to either tv or DVD player I have a...
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    How do hook up Magnavox combo to older. Tv

    Do n[t know how to hook up
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    Solved! How do I hook my Aristo to phone up to my Magnavox LCD LED HDMI TV model number three to me e303 VF 7 v i f 7 RV F7 and my cel

    How do I hook my Aristo to cell phone up to my Magnavox LED HDMI flat screen 32 e m 30 vf7 that's the model number of the TV
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    Need to find some small wired speakers for Magnavox TV that uses a 3.5mm jack. Any ideas?

    Small wired speakers for Magnavox TV 32ME306VF7 Magnavox advised we need to use a 3.5 mm jack...
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    Connecting VHS & DVD players to my Magnavox smart tv

    I have a Magnavox smart tv, & l would like to connect my old Sony DVD player & my old Magnavox VHS player up to it! Can you help me please?
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    Connect dvd player

    How to connect a sanyo dvd player to a magnavox tv
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    How to hookup DVD player to a TCL 32" smart TV

    How can I hookup MY Magnavox DVD player to a 32"TCL Roku smart TV
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    Connecting VCR to Elememt Tv

    Trying to connect element tv model # Elefw246 to Magnavox vcr/ DVD combo model dv200mw8
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    Help me plz

    Need help Hook up my phone to a magnavox dvd vhs to watch videos on a sanyo hd tb
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    Solved! Connecting old recorder to tv

    I have a Toshiba dvr620 that is not showing up on my Magnavox TV. I need the setup menu so I can record a VHS tape to a DVD and set up the dubbing. There is a router but no cable box.
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    the timer on my Magnavox ZV457MG9 A timer quit working and now I cant record either VHS or disc. Any ideas

    as my Magnavox is recording a program and the program is two hours long, the recorder records for about 10-15 minutes and then starts buffering. It may record for 5 minutes or 10 or more but will not record for the set time.
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    how to connect old magnavox vhs/cd player to my Smart TV

    I have a Smart tv and want to hook up a Magnavox vhs/cd combo player to the tv
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    hdmi wont connect

    my gateway computer wont connect to my magnavox tv using hdmi cord, what can i possibly do. my laptop dcreen is broke so this
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    how to connect a magnavox mdr867h dvr coax antenna to an entone kamai 500 set top box that has no coax connector

    how do you connect a magnavox dvr recorder f type coax antenna to an entone kamai 500 set top box that does not have a coax connector? I assume this connection is for scanning & storing digital cable channels from my set top box to the magnavox for live viewing while I record another channel...
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    Need replacement speaker for 1967 magnavov stereo

    How obtain or replace with new speaker for 1969 magnavox stereo. All of it works just one speaker blown. Thx gayla
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    How do i connect my Magnavox VHS/DVD player to my Vizio smart T.V? please help.

    I don't know what to do, I looked in all the manuals and it doesn't help. I just want to connect my DVD/VHS player to my Vizio smart TV, but i don't know how. If anybody has an idea please help me because i'm clueless.
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    Solved! How to get on internet explorer on magnavox smart tv 55MV314X

    Can you please help me to get on Internet explorer on magnavox smart tv 55MV314X? To use to get on Facebook or just to google things?
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    hook up vcr

    How do I hook up my old panasonic vcr player to my 32" magnavox flat screen tv
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    How to connect a Roadmaster Stereo speaker system to my Magnavox Slim LED Smart TV

    How can I attach a Roadmaster RTS3000 (2-way 300 Watt Stereo Speaker System) to my Magnavox Slim LED SmartTV
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    i am trying to connect magnavox vcr/ dvd combo to sanyo tv

    how connect magavox vcr/ dvd combo player to sanyo tv
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    Help With tv and dvd

    I have a rca tv and a magnavox DVD player need help hooking it up because it's showing black and white
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    How do I connect my magnavox dvd recorder / vcr ZV427MG9 to my directv receiver HR54-700

    How do I connect my magnavox dvd recorder / vcr ZV427MG9 to my directv receiver HR54-700? Receiver has the following: A/V Out Digital audio output (optical) HDMI ETHERNET SATA Digital Audio Output (coax) SAT in SWM-5 DVD COMBO MAGNAVOX has the following: HDMI Digital Audio Output (coax) Audio...
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    Repair Magnavox stereo console circa 1963 located in NYC

    Magnavox console stereo Powers-up and functional radio and controls speakers Need new needle and minir adjustment to turntable Willing to reimburse travel, tolls and parking for onsite repair
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    Antenna tv won't show DVD channel needed

    DVD player and antenna tv can't get on needed channel to work together. How do I fix this? Worked fine when I had cable but when they took the cable away because I couldn't afford it then I could never get the TV back on the channel needed for the DVD to play DVDs. I can't do it with the remote...
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    1967 Magnavox 3-In-One Vintage Console

    I just bought a Magnavox 1967 3-In-One Vintage Console & Yesterday I Cleaned & Regreased the Analog UHF/VHF Tuner which took all Day!! All the Tubes light up except for (1) real small Tube in the High Voltage Section which has (6) Tube's in it!! That Tube is Totally Dead & don't light up which...
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    Solved! i can not play movies on my acer chrome book through my MAGNAVOX dvd player. Why is that

    my acer chomebook will not play movies from the dvd player
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    1967 Magnavox 3-In-One Vintage Console

    I am working on a 1967 Magnavox Agean, Imperial Astro Sonic With Phantom 2 Button Remote Control!! What I need help on is the (4) Plastic Clip's that go into the Metal Track got broken in Shipping!! The White Plastic Clip's go into the Metal Slidding Door Track!! The Clip's are mounted on the...
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    how to connect LG soundbar to Magnavox tv

    how to connect LG sounder to Magnavox tv
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    Magnavox Home Theater

    I bought a 1967 Magnavox Imperial Astro Sonic (Agean-Model) with Phantom Remote!! I have to pick it up yet!! It came from a Non Smoking Home & it was not used that much because the Faceplate has (NO) Wear anywhere & the Solid Pecan Wood Cabinet has not a Scratch on it!! Everything Work's even...
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    1967 Magnavox Vintage Console

    I bought a 1967 Magnavox Imperial Astro Sonic Home Theater with Color TV & Phantom Remote Control!! It is called the (Ageaen-Model) with (2) Front Slidding Door's to Hide Screen!! This Model is Solid Pecan Wood!! The Turntable & AM/FM Stereo Tuner Work's but the TV don't work!! So what could be...
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    Trying to hook up aRoku Express to an RCA ATSC converter box hooked up to an old analog Magnavox 18 inch TV.

    Made all the connections, but did not know what settings were needs on the TV to make Roku home page appear.